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Similar Triangles

Similar triangles can be considered as photographic enlargements of each other. i Two triangles are similar if two angles of one are equal to two anglesof the other.Obviously the third angles would then have to be equal. So we know that these triangles are similar even though the second triangle has beenrotated. View More >>

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Examination Preparation

  Examination Preparation and Technique Preparation Prior to the DayExaminations (or tests) in any field of endeavour, are a performance and you performbetter if you practise the test. Many students seem to forget this aspect of study, theystudy the topic but they neglect to practise answering questions under test or examination conditions. In most subjects, […]

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Study Tips and Strategies

Study Tips and Useful Strategies for Students.   Introduction: The main aim of school education is to prepare students to be able to be successful insociety. Success for different students can mean many different things, such as • Identifying the top level students for the professions and a university education• Preparing students for technical training […]

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Time Management

Time Management Managing your study time is absolutely critical in achieving your desired level of achievement. It is a make or break time for students striving to meet scheduled deadlines in the hope of ultimately, achieving the realistic grades they have set for themselves. Time management however, cannot possibly work without the following step having […]

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Learning Mathematics MCP

Learning Mathematics Mathematics is an abstract subject, but at the same time, one of the mostpractical subjects taught in schools today. Every student studies mathematicsto some level; it is a survival skill, like reading. If you can’t read, you are disempowered in today’s society. Also, without a good understanding of basic mathematics you cannot manage […]

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MC Famous Triangle

A Triangular Cunundrum   If you can solve this famous mathematics problem in under two hoursthen you are a gifted mathematician. If this problem takes more than two hours or cannot be solvedthen you are still a gifted mathematician but you don’t realise it just yet.The Old Master Coach believes that everyone is gifted; it […]

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The Love of Numbers 2

  The Love of Numbers Everyone knows, from an early age that ten x ten = 100. But, we can only write this result in that fashion because we are using a base ten number system. Suppose we used a base 8 number system (I am sure we would have developed a base 8 number […]

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Free Questions for Young G & T students

Elementary Questions 1 In a trip lasting 4 hours 20 minutes, a speedboat averaged 15 knots.How many nautical miles was the trip? … note : 1 knot = 1 nautical mile per hour. 2 Number plates in Snowland consist of three digits followed by one letter.What is the maximum number of number plates available? 3 […]

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Learning English MCP

Learning English English is the love of language, in all its variety and rich possibilities. Language is the way that we communicate, create and share emotions, express our desires and speak our dreams. When coaching English we believe and ensure that every session is relevant to thestudent’s life today and in the future. The themes, […]