Time Management

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Time Management

Time Management

Managing your study time is absolutely critical in achieving your desired level of achievement. It is a make or break time for students striving to meet scheduled deadlines in the hope of ultimately, achieving the realistic grades they have set for themselves.

Time management however, cannot possibly work without the following step having been set out in hard copy format that is, extracted from the mind and transferred to some form of hard copy.

Create a Study Timetable – Write down all the things you need to do each day of the week, and how long you need for each, including time for enough sleep, relaxation, and exercise. Find out the date of each exam and work out a study timetable leading up to them. Include tests that will help you identify gaps in your knowledge. This can give you some direction and help you focus on what to study each week or day.

So, how do successful students stay on track?

A successful student avoids procrastination – Procrastination is when you do everything else but the task you need to do. It is normal to procrastinate a little. However too much procrastination can just add to your stress and can result in you not giving yourself enough time to prepare. Managing your time and setting realistic goals for each study session can be helpful ways to avoid procrastinating and make tasks seem less overwhelming.

A successful student also looks for ways that minimize stress levels eg. where facilities permit, they will use the “freebies” like the library that provides not just peace and quiet but also, a multitude of resources that can assist the student in the process of learning and revision.

Yet even the best of intentions and plans can be undermined with situations sometimes creating havoc upon planned time schedules.

Remember the saying “ The best laid plans of men and mice.

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