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Do you want the most systemized and scientifically developed accelerated learning material ever written for 5th & 6th Grade students covering mathematics, English and general ability (IQ) type questions?

Developed over 35 years, under accelerated learning guidelines and following the lines of the latest research in learning, remembering and applying, these Math worksheets are all your child needs to top the any scholarship or selective school test in these two areas.

Master Coaching Tuition Centres developed these 11 booklets (each containing about 15 pages) to compliment our Nationwide Tutoring system, and give students the edge over those that don’t have structured coursework outside of regular schooling. Each book has 70 questions of the type shown below. Answers provided to every questions.

Sample questions:

Gifted and Talented Material

This material has been developed to cater for students who

love a challenge
are seeking to excel academically
are desirous to gain an academic scholarship to a selective high school or some prestigious private school offering such scholarships

The actual scope of the work covered includes traditional mathematics and English, with a very strong general ability section. This latter section is often referred to as IQ questions; albeit, the author of the work does not subscribe to the concept of static IQ.

Below is a sample of questions from each section as set out in the actual booklets.



Atlantic salmon cost $19.20 per kilogram. The cost of 1.25kg would be nearest to

     a $23               b $24                    c $25                    d $26

It takes 8 workers 72 days to complete a job. How long would it take 10 workers to complete the same job?

a 60 days                   b 48.4 days           c 64 days               d 57.6 days

The sum of the numbers from 1 to 10 equals 55. Therefore, the sum of the

numbers from 31 to 40 equals

a 355               b 165                    c 550                    d 350

A full jar of honey weighs 1.2 kg. When the jar is one quarter full it weighs 600 g. The weight of the jar is

a 200 g             b 300 g                 c 400 g                  d  500 g

The perimeter of a rectangle is 94 cm and the length is 3 cm more than the breadth.

The area of the rectangle in square centimetres is

a 94 ´ 91          b                c 275                    d 550








2      Synonyms

The word FLIMSY is most nearly the SAME as

A                DAINTY

B                 RICKETY

C                 INFERIOR

D                CONVINCING      (Ans B)

2                 The word MALICE means nearly the SAME as

A                HATRED

B                 CRUELTY

C                 CIVILITY

D                NASTINESS       (Ans A)

3        Antonyms

1                 The word LIMP is most nearly the OPPOSITE of

A                STIFF

B                 UNCUT

C                 SAGGING

D                BEAUTIFUL      (Ans A)

2                 The word FREEDOM means nearly the OPPOSITE of

A                PRISON

B                 LIBERTY

C                 RELEASE

D                CAPTIVITY       (Ans D)

4        Odd-Word-Out

Which word does NOT belong with the other three?

A       SOCK

B       SANDAL

C       GLOVE

D       SLIPPER      (Ans C)

Which word does NOT belong with the other three?

A       DIARY



D       DICTIONARY      (Ans D)

5        Verbal Analogies

STREAM is to RIVER as BRANCH is to

A       LEAF

B       TREE

C       CREEK

D       TRIBUTARY      (Ans B)


A       COURT



D       COUNCILLOR      (Ans C)

6        Verbal Reasoning

John, Olga, Ruth and Sue attend different classes at the same school. John always travels to school by bus while the others usually walk.  Olga and Ruth have a female teacher and the others have male.  Olga and Sue like mathematics lessons whereas the others prefer English.

Which student likes mathematics and has a male teacher?

A       Sue

B       Ruth

C       Olga

D       John       (Ans A)

There are three jars in the kitchen cupboard each containing different items.  The flour is on the right of the sugar, the peanut butter is on the left of the sugar and the rice is on the right of the flour. Which item is on the extreme left hand side?

A       rice

B       flour

C       sugar

D       peanut butter      (Ans D)

7        Letter Codes

In a certain code EGFINBL means DECEIVE. In the same code UTHEXUU means




D       TREADLE      (Ans C)

In a certain code ARLTSHP means CONQUER. In the same code BLQWYQR means




D       DEVIANT      (Ans A)

8        Foreign Languages

In a foreign language, HITTITE MONDO BURLEY means LUNCH READY NOW and BURLEY MONDO means LUNCH NOW. What is the foreign word for READY?

A       BURLEY


C       MONDO

D       MONDO BURLEY      (Ans B)

In a foreign language, ANTO ACTO MISO means  NEED HELP NOW and ECTO MIRO  means BRING WATER. If ECTO means WATER what is the foreign word for BRING?

A       ACTO

B       ANTO

C       MIRO

D       MISO      (Ans C)

General Ability

1  Tom and Olga both work for the same firm. Olga’s wage equals 90% of Tom’s wage. If Olga’s wage is increased by 10% and Tom’s wage does not change, then

a  Tom still earns more than Olga

b  Tom now earns less than Olga

c  Tom and Olga earn the same

d  cannot work out who earns the most because no wage amounts given


Which word does not rhyme with the other 3? bear,   rear,   care,   pear

     a bear               b rear                 c care             d pear

Hot is to cold as tall is to

a long               b short                           c big                     d small

4    The length of the side of a square is doubled. Which of the following is true about the new square?

a  the perimeter and area have doubled

b  the perimeter has increased 4 times and the area has doubled

the perimeter has increased 4 times and the area has increased 4 times

d  the perimeter has doubled and the area has increased 4 times

5   Find the missing number in this pattern:

6  To get each number, we add together

the two numbers below it. Which number

should be in the top space?

a 17.8          b 27.7

c 33.5          d 45.5

All the questions are multiply choice each book has two length passages and the accompanying comprehension questions

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