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Ah, Year 10!!

The end’s in sight

My vision’s clear

Senior school is oh so near

Now is the time…. not for fright

To shrink and draw in with fear…..


I know my goal

My mind is clear..

My path secure

My future is nearing….

Everything is now possible……..

Thanks to Master Coaching!!


Don’t waste the rest of your life thinking “what might have been?”

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 If there is no Master Coaching available, these notes are the perfect second choice

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  • Algebra
  • Angles
  • Arithmetic
  • Data and Chance
  • Equations
  • Logarithms
  • Geometry
  • Indices and Surds
  • Measurement
  • Money Problems and Calculations
  • Number Plane
  • Perimeter, Area and Volume
  • Percentage Calculations
  • Problems
  • Ratio
  • Similar Figures
  • Trigonometry


If you just need help with one topic, simply chose that one.

Many of our topics folders have unique teaching/coaching notes that ensure a better understanding and a quicker route to mastery in those topics.

Developed over 30 years, under accelerated learning guidelines and following the lines of the latest research in learning, remembering and applying, these Math worksheets are all your child needs to top the 10th Grade.

Master Coaching Tuition Centres developed these Maths Worksheets to complement our Nationwide Tutoring system, and give students the edge over those that don’t have structured coursework outside of regular schooling.

Do you want one place only to download all the 10th Grade (Year 10) Maths Worksheets you will need?

Start here, maths can be fun, especially when you succeed and you feel cool doing it

With a click, you can be studying and revising the Year 10 (Grade 10) Maths topic of your choice, anytime, anywhere, without the burden of carrying more textbooks around. Download it on your computer or a USB Drive so you can use it anytime.

All our Maths Worksheets are Printable, so you can print out for your convenience.

This is the year to master basic algebra, and start expanding your horizons towards calculus.  The start of calculus is number plane, a five-week teaching stint in schools but still not understood by many students.  (Initial diagnostic test on year 10 advanced maths students show that as little as 22% fully understand number plane and do basic questions such as finding the equation of a line through two points).  Our Master Number Plane booklet will give you full mastery in less than one hour, and you will remember it.

Get the edge on your classmates that are stuck reading boring school textbooks.

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Over 350 pages! 

Magic Three

 The Master Coaching notes are unique in that we do not have mind-numbing homogeneous sets of questions all of the same type.  Experiments done by many educationalists in the 1980s showed that students remembered less after doing 20 examples of one type than they did after just doing three examples. In fact, three is the magical number of examples for remembering new work.

Cyclic learning, the only way to learn

Instead of doing 20 equations of the type we do ax + b = c, three now and three more on six other occasions.  That allows the student to learn more in each session, reduces student boredom, and allows the topic to be covered on a number of occasions thus ensuring maximum retention of the learnt skill.

This translates into far better test and examination results!

 Unique Methods

 Master Coaching has developed a number of unique methods that ensure such fundamental topics are truly mastered. All these mentioned topics are supported by detailed instructions for the tutor or parent as well as the student.

Many students have learnt directed numbers at Master Coaching in one session after years of failure at the school level.


Each lesson is a joy because every lesson is taking you to University and beyond.  Not only are we improving you maths skills, but we are also showing you how to learn.  Yes we can,

Yes You Can 

Dual Learning System

Every lesson worksheet has a dual worksheet, called an assignment, which is a repeat of the lesson with changed numbers etc.  It is amazing how effective this learning technique is

Leave Nothing to Chance!

You know your child is a genius.  We believe this also. (see Master Coaching Philosophy).  For a very small investment you can prove it AND your child will have the reward for the rest of their life.

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