Free Questions for Young G & T students

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Free Questions for Young G & T students

Elementary Questions

1 In a trip lasting 4 hours 20 minutes, a speedboat averaged 15 knots.
How many nautical miles was the trip? … note : 1 knot = 1 nautical mile per hour.

2 Number plates in Snowland consist of three digits followed by one letter.
What is the maximum number of number plates available?

3 A father is five times as old as his son.
How many years ago was the son 2 years old and the father 34?

4 Dianne pays two fifths of her money on a T shirt, 30% on a pair of shorts and had $15
How much did she start with?

5 $1200 is divided equally among four sisters so that each gets $100 more than the sister
who is the next younger sister. How much does the youngest sister get?

6 Find the greatest number that divides 364, 414 and 539 with the same remainder in each case?

7 A father is 37 years old and his son is 5 years old.
In how many years time will the father be three times as old as his son?

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