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English Papers for Ages 5 – 8

Delightfully illustrated, and easy to read, these workbooks are designed for the beginner reader, irrespective of age. These books target students aged 5 – 8 years, but written in the format of such books as “Spreadsheets for Dummies”, they fully explain all the concepts and are excellent material for students studying English as a second language. Learn to read, learn to learn to comprehend, learn to understand and write like a competent native speaker of English.

Yes; this material is ideally suited for students studying English as a second language and greatly benefit students studying for the IELTS examinations. In total there are 20 books, each with about 7 pages of questions, 40 questions in total in each book; plus an answer page. Material covered includes comprehensions, phonics and grammar.

Developed over 35 years, under accelerated learning guidelines and following the lines of the latest research in learning, remembering and applying, these English workbooks are all anyone needs to master the concepts and grammatical structure of the English language in writing and comprehension.

Children, working through these books, in their own time, will enter primary school with enhanced reading, comprehension and writing skills that will keep them ahead of their cohorts. These books should be essential study guides for anyone preparing for an IELTS exam.

Master Coaching Tuition Centres developed these 20 booklets (each containing about 12 pages) to compliment our Nationwide Tutoring system, and give students the edge over those that don’t have structured coursework outside of regular schooling. Each book has 40 questions of the type shown below. Answers are provided to every question.

Sample questions:

1. Reading Comprehension
Read the following story.

The Midnight Monster

The night was dark, and the sky was full of twinkly stars as Ferdie Fox and little Byron Badger took a late stroll through Trudy’s garden. Suddenly the moon came from behind a cloud.

“Look!” squealed Byron. “There’s a monster on the lawn!” “It wasn’t there last night!” said Ferdie, his voice trembling as he grabbed little Badger’s paw and they both dived into the nearest bush.

“Come back in the morning, you silly pair!!” hooted Ossie Owl, and he
fluttered off into the trees.

“I do believe Ossie was laughing!” said Byron Badger, and the two frightened friends scampered home as fast as they could.

Next morning the sun was shining brightly and Trudy was playing on the

“I can’t believe we could be so silly,” whispered Ferdie, as he and the little badger peered through the bushes.

“How about coming back tonight to play?” giggled Byron, and he gave Ferdie a nudge. “We’ll bring our own buckets and spades!”

1. Why did the dark night suddenly become light?

A. The garden lights were switched on.
B. The moon came from behind a cloud.
C. Someone came into the garden with a big flashlight.
D. The lights in the house got switched on.

2. What scared Ferdie Fox and Byron Badger?

A. A huge dog was barking at them.
B. They saw a monster on the lawn that wasn’t there the night
C. They thought they saw a ghost walking through the garden.
D. The house owner ran after them with a big broom. n

6. Identify the missing blend of the picture.

A. bu
B. ra
C. phy
D. irs

3. Rhymes.
Choose the letter of the correct answer.

9. What word rhymes with the picture?

4. Vowel sounds
Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

13. What word goes with the picture?

A. tax B. flax
C. box D. socks

5. Synonyms/Antonyms
Encircle the letter of the correct answer

17. What is the synonym of ache?

A. feel C. sense
B. hurt D. touch

6. Analogy

21. Cake is to flour as colour is to _____.
A. dress B. rainbow
C. tan D. painting

7. Grammar
Directions: Encircle the correct answer.

A. Nouns/Pronouns

25. Where do you find lots of books to read?

A. bookstore B. library
C. classroom D. study hall

26. What do you call a person who treats you when you are sick?

A. nurse B. dentist
C. carpenter D. doctor

B. Adjectives
Encircle the letter of the correct adjective.

29. A city is a very large place.

A. city
B. place
C. very
D. large

All the questions are multiply choice each book has a lengthy passages and the accompanying comprehension questions

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